You Own Your Relationships. Your Company Rents Them.

A professional carpenter brings his own tools to the job.  They are an investment and carefully maintaining them is what assures they last beyond just the job and for as long as a career.

The tools of Business Development are relationships – professionals in BD know how to build and leverage their networks to bring partnerships, products, and services to life. And just like the carpenter, maintaining relationships in tip-top shape is the key to having that tool last a lifetime.

A professional carpenter would be wise to mind who borrows his tools, and a business development professional should be mindful about who gets to leverage their relationships.  

If you’ve ever rented a tool, a home, or a car, you know that you’re willing to push it to the limits beyond what you might had you been its owner.  You have a choice of how you use your tools, and to whom you rent it out. You own your relationships. Your company just rents them.

Be mindful and careful about how you treat your relationships, and your tools can last for your whole career.

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