I regularly teach classes in NYC at General Assembly and via Skillshare.   I also offer a full-day intensive business development workshop called GROWPLAN: Interactive Business Development Workshop.


  • lucy eworo

    Hi, do you do online classes? Am actually interestated in sustainable business development. Am about to enter into the NGO field of promoting/catalyzing markets for clean energy products and services in a developing country. In particular I will have to identify and support companies with direct advisory and business development support to offgrid industry stakeholders to promote and scale up high potential business models.

    • Scott Pollack

      Not yet, but working on an online class to hopefully release soon.

  • Benedict

    Hi Scott, recently i found myself doing lot of reading and i have stumble on some articles on Business Development since then i have gone that direction and its seems very intresting to me even though am an IT specialist i am thinking of hot teach people on how to start small business and sustain it and also the small business that are already dead to revive them. so how about getting more training from you.

    development is not about get-rich-quick schemes and I-win-you-lose
    tactics that create value that’s gone tomorrow as easily as it came
    today. It’s about creating opportunities for that value to persist over
    the long-term, to keep the floodgates open so that value can flow
    indefinitely. Thinking about business development as a means to
    creating long-term value is the only true way to succeed in consistently
    growing an organization.”

    • slpollack

      Thanks Benedict. More to come soon!

  • Dominick Thompson

    Every in the Charlotte, NC area?
    Would love to chat with you about our business…that may cost us money for your time, but I had to ask. Thanks!

    • slpollack

      Hi Dominick, – please feel free to reach out at scott at slpollack dot com.

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  • Ruy Elias

    Hi Scott. I got into a new BD position in a recently formed international chemical distribution company in SA. Started diving online and I gotta say that your articles are helping me a lot to organize thoughts and tasks. I will be pleased to hear about some online classes or webinars to participate. Regards.

    • slpollack

      Thanks Ruy!

  • Benay

    I was looking for a good definition of Business Development and found your article ( It was really helpful so I thought I’d check out your site too. Ever considered running your courses online?

    • slpollack

      Yes! In the final stages of editing a video version and hope to get it live shortly.

      • Rich Hopen

        Hi Scott – I stumbled across your site as I was doing research on WeWork. I saw below that you are working on a BD video course. Cool! A few months ago I complete a video course that’s B2C and I’ve been immersed in how to sell it. I’ve been very involved with Digital Marketer. Check out their site and if you become a monthly member of DME you’ll get access to a private FB group. Probably the best, most dynamic online community I’ve come across. Anyway, good luck with the course and WW.