Start of the Deal

Start of the Deal

Scott Pollack on Business Development & Partnerships

About Scott

I help Startups grow into Big Companies, and Big Companies to be more like Startups.

I’ve spent the past 19 years working with startups + Big Companies focused on creating new growth opportunities via partnerships and new lines of business.I was the Vice President of Business Development & Services at WeWork, and prior to that Head of Business Development at SumAll. I played a variety of roles in Marketing, BD, and Partnerships over a long career at American Express and got my start slinging chemicals at Dow.

I also started a social cooking events company called Hot Pot Culinary Events, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.I have taught workshops to thousands of students and written a best-selling book called What, Exactly, Is Business Development.

I am currently the Founder and CEO of Firneo, a community-building company that helps people and companies thrive in the future of work.

Why, hello there.

I'm Scott Pollack.

I’m an entrepreneur, a bestselling author, and a teacher. I focus on the intersection of Startups + Big Companies.

I am currently the Founder & CEO of Firneo. Previously, I was VP of Business Development for WeWork, Head of Business Development for SumAll, and before that I spent a long time in a variety of BD, partnerships, and product roles at American Express. Earlier in my career I also managed distribution partnerships for Dow Chemical, ran an interactive social cooking events company called Hot Pot Culinary Events. I started out as a Java developer in the late ’90s dot-com era.