My name is Scott Pollack, and I am weirdly obsessed with business development.

I am currently the VP of Business Development for WeWork.  Previously, I was Head of Business Development for SumAll, and before that I spent a long time in a variety of BD, partnerships, and product roles at American Express.  Earlier in my career I also managed distribution partnerships for Dow Chemical, ran an interactive social cooking events company called Hot Pot Culinary Events.  I started out as a Java developer in the late ’90s dot-com era.

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  1. Seph Zdarko Reply

    Found your article on BD. I like your definition. As a fellow BD guy I just thought I would shoot you a note to say thanks! I’m going to borrow it for an internal preso and link to your article.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Terry Woods Reply


    Just wanted to reach out and say thank-you for the insights into the world of business development. I am going through a career shift and decided to focus on opportunities in this area and have found your articles to be enjoyable to read. They have also helped me start wrapping my head around the function and how to break into it. I first came across you in your 2012 Forbes article, What, Exactly, is Business Development?.

    Wishing you much success and many thanks,


  3. Rashid Reply

    Hi Scott! I saw that WeWork has an amazing facility in Montreal. Any plans for establishing a facility in Toronto? I have a co-working/executive center spread across 6 small buildings in Mississauga, ON. We are just 15 mins away from Downtown Toronto. Do let us know if you are planning to come to Mississauga! I would love for your team to visit our facilities here! Once again, truly inspiring job with ‘WeWork’. Stay blessed!

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